Did the 2nd act to my series I am developing for thesis. It went very well. I gleaned a lot about what my work is doing, now to keep moving forward. Video documentation coming soon.



Bryana Siobhan

Fall 2014

MFA Thesis Act 2 of 5

Sigh. I got in trouble with my bf cause I ran into a friend on my way to go to his house and I had a beer with her, and I forgot to text him cause I was so excited to see her. So I’m like two hours late and apparently he blew off his friend and needed to go to the store cause I was supposed to be there at 7:30/8 and I’m an hour late.

Sigh. I am sometimes a really bad gf.

Afro-Latino vs. Regular Black


This one goes out to anyone
Who’s ever said
“I’m just regular Black.”
Excuse me?

Let me see if I understand you correctly.
You are African-American,
Or Black American
If you prefer not to use “African”
On the basis that you’re as African
As a fully assimilated White dude from Brooklyn